The future is now

I’ve been blessed to have worked with Ruben and Deborah Dominguez as my brokers for the past 9 years. They have not only trained me how to do real estate, but they have installed a sense of purpose and mission to my chosen occupation.


Recently the franchise agreement they had with Realty World Northern California was up and they had to decide if they wanted to become an independent company or sign with another franchise. After researching their options, they asked me my opinion of the new company they were looking at called NextHome.


Wow! What a great concept. A franchise that catered to Generation X and Y. Technology to the max to make searching and finding real estate easier. Marketing homes for sellers in ways that had not been done by other franchises. My opinion was a resounding YES!


Everyone fears change, but the fact remains that change is inevitable. I’m excited for the future with NextHome. I feel a sense of responsibility to play a role in the development and perception of what a NextHome Agent is. I’m working for a brand that wants to be iconic and advance Real Estate in directions it’s never been. For me, the future is now.